Nature of Authority

Crazy Mind welcomes you, when most of you are dubious and thinking how a sensible can overrun the fittest. Hope, those neuronic intellects need some more dosage of crazy and natural thoughts injected.  Let me sprinkle some essence from my previous article, SoS. In the vast community of species, the only factor that gives them the authority to take control over the remaining is the sense. So, let us hold on to the authority and proceed with the natural thoughts, thus will result to nature of authority.

Authority, one of the powerful word can both, teach a lesson to live a peaceful life or ruin one’s entire existence in this space. Now, the either of the two poles of the effect of authority is decided on who has it.  Let us start with the good ones. If the wise and sensible soul has the authority, it would use it to embrace the souls around and seek a way for coexistence. Life in this world make more meaning if one’s presence supports the fellow ones and make a way for unceasing and contented living. If you remove all the inventions by man in this earth, the only thing that remains is darkness, in and around us. This is where all the creatures in this earth were living million years ago. None of the human, were capable of eliminating this or would have come to this height of lighting up this whole sphere with spectacular colors, without nature’s invention of senses. The plus one from the rest of the other creatures, has given the man to take authority over all other creatures. The Marvelous result of, sensible authority created a position one level next to the creator and hence, a LEADER is formed.

A Leadership can come only out of a sensible authority. A Leader is more a soul, that has mindful thoughts of removing the darkness in every other soul. When this darkness is vanished, no power can stop us from glowing as a diamond. Victory is sweeter when it is achieved together and when the souls around you are the reason for it. Individual victory is a mirage. Though a leader wins, it is never without the support of fellow beings. There is again some void phrases which battles between good leader and a bad leader. Have we ever thought how a bad can become a leader? Can someone who possess bad qualities be a leader? Bad can take up the authority but can never become a leader. Fittest authority has more chances of being a bad Head. Sensible thinks before action and the fittest don’t think even after taking a false action. Out present governance is the best example of Fittest authority.

Only because we fit into something, doesn’t means that the we deserve it. And never for the leader’s chair. When we turn back to history very less authorities have become leaders and the remaining always stayed as hypocrites. All those hypocrites joined hands, became majority, formed a government, and started ruling the common man and other creatures too. They assumed themselves as leaders and stood on top of their thoughts. This special quality is seen only with the deadliest animal in the world, Those false leaders started to preach false thoughts and give false hopes. All, then started following the once who fits in the chair and even started electing him. A Leadership is not the responsibility on the shoulders of a sensible authority. It is also the power present on the fingertip of good decision making electors. Until a common man makes a good decision, we can never see Leaders.

We should learn governance and teaching skill from Lions and Cats.  Five senses always teaches about life in the simplest was ever. But the Fit authority always denies and seed ignorance. This ignorance can put the whole world again into darkness and the history has to repeat again. The creator is out of creativity, and he repeats the same events again in a loop.

We can win the destiny if we think sensibly, again. Man created technology, but could not give a life to it. The science can create a artificial baby but cannot create a soul for it. The same way, we can create a place to live, but to live there happily is something fuzzy.

Stereotype is what the world is seeking a peeping into every day. We are trying to be like, but never tried to be unique. Only the uniqueness in thoughts with sense, can create a better atmosphere and authority and hence a leader can be formed. Managing and continuing this till the end is the inbound talent needed and a challenge. Let us use the sense and win the game.

Cheers to the fellow men to become kind again.

                                                                                        – Some sensible authoritative thoughts from Crazy Mind

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  1. Very nice thought!!! Esp on leaders 😊 We are in such a world where we are unable to differentiate good/bad leaders.
    Keep sprinkling like this!!!


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