Secret of Survival (SoS)

When a creature is introduced to this earth, may be in any form, the primary aim or the force of nature on it is, seeding the instinct of survival. This survival instinct is the first technique that the nature teaches when a life hatches of from an egg or an embryo. Since this is done with whole perfection and care, the same becomes an art. Hence, for a creature to be born in this world and survive till the end, becomes the greatest of all the arts. This makes every soul inside a skin and, or a skeleton a great artist, no matter the number of senses programmed in it. Whoever performs this art in a fine way gets a chance to perform it for some more decades and the other goes back to learn it again. This also escort’s Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances”. Some are ready to unlearn this art and get another chance to perform it and the one that’s not ready for it ends it’s phase of eternal journey. But during the course of the play all characters do not get equal chance or space to perform its part. But, does it make any difference in the impression, it creates in this universe? A soul may not get it’s space or chance, but definitely gets its time to perform, which can increase its ability to create its own space. This make it forget all the uneven times where time proves its healing potential, and becomes one of the ornament to this art.

The soul here cannot win the game all alone, since it is not a one man show. Every species of the universe even helps the other one to at least finish this game, though not in winning. The wonder here is, the enemies help their opponent to reach the periphery well in advance, than friends. If the opponent wins, it is his last ride and reaches the horizon. If it loses, it gets prepared to the next round quickly, completing the previous lapse. The survival journey makes everything beautiful, that comes on its way. Here the race has become an art. The time mould us, situation mould us, the path we travel mould us, the decision we take mould us, the good souls we meet mould us, all that we consume mould us and finally even our enemies mould us. Thus the mixture of all make the mortal, a beautiful art. What about the immortal inside it ?

It dosen’t care about anything, and continues the ride to eternal on its way.

We run this show for some decades without knowing who the audience are, and whom are we performing for? This should have been the first question before entering the stage. The instinct injected by the nature pushes us for some seasons in an unconscious state of mind, and the moment we start realizing the present, it’s too late to question and time to get off the vehicle.

Though the cause is not known, we would have the anxiety on its peak to know the result. Is there seriously a result? When everything goes in a senile way, how can we measure the success here. Does the fittest really survive and succeed?

Survival of the fittest – Is this really a mantra to win the game or a sake to hide the forfeit. To explain this, we have to bring in a concept of the software called Sense that has been programmed to every creature by nature. When the number of this increases, it is self explained that, the particular creature can control the one has lesser number of that particular sensor. The product that is placed in the higher end of this spectrum is called human or mankind (Kind will go away soon), or only man. The one on the lower end is called an insect or a microorganism. Can 6 control 1. Who has given the liberty and authority to the 6th sense, to do so?  

The 6th sense has gone uncontrollable and controls the other senses, as the nature’s soft edge on the higher extreme of the spectrum has exceeded its limit. In the same way, the 7th sense which has been created by the 6th will also bombard the limits.

Again, to be fit or the fittest, 5 senses are amply adequate. The additional sense was programmed for the man to be sensible and not strong. Fittest is the measure of strength for animals living in forest and not for the one living in cities and civilized. For the fellow men, it should be Survival of the Sensible.

When sensible creatures rule the world, the whole universe wins and the need to measure victory becomes void. To reiterate, its an art and not a race. So success finds its place no where, nor the failure. Finally, there is no secret for success, as the success is not a secret anymore. But surely, there is a secret for the ART of SURVIVAL, as it is not a very easy mission to be accomplished. The Sensible ones will find it out and reach the purpose of creation.

– Some Sensible thoughts from Crazy Mind




  1. Congrats giri. Why don’t you put up your photograph also. All the best. God bless you!


  2. Great start Giri. Let more and more such laurels come to your professional growth. All the very best.

    Your article was a good reading.


  3. Hi Giri,
    Writing is an art and I feel you are blessed with it. I am impressed to see you writing such a good article on the secret of Survival, so soon..
    Keep going …..
    Wish you all success….

    Harish Anbumani


  4. Hey Giri,
    First of all congrats on your first blog.
    This I must say that your first one itself has so much of maturity and depth,that it gave me feeling of some regular blogger,who is a master of the usage of words.Way to go friend.Waiting for your next blog.


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